A Knock at the Door

A new neighbour isn’t always good news . . .

When a solitary man moves in next door, compulsive do-gooder Nora is quick to shower him with the ‘little deeds of kindness’ that are her reason for living.

But none of Nora’s generous gifts of patchwork cushions, bunches of withering tulips, or cakes rescued from the church fête melt his heart.

For unlike blundering Nora, Victor is a solitary Jewish bachelor, ill-attuned to country life, and carrying with him the obsessive memory of Nazi atrocities in wartime Vienna.

As Nora marches up the garden path, peers through his letter-box, or halloos from behind the gooseberry-bushes, Victor hides behind his curtains.

His only friend is an ex-hippie called Janice whose doubtful morals send ripples of scandal through the village.

Then Victor is knocked down by a group of swastika-clad punks in a local car-park, and decides to take a drastic step towards protecting himself from the outside world.

A Knock at the Door, which sees Eva Hanagan deploys her wit and macabre panache with unerring skill, is an incisive and moving social commentary that will linger long after the final page.

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