Coronation Summer

A summer to remember…

When Fanny Harcourt and her best friend Emily Dacre arrive in London for the Queen Victoria’s coronation they are swept up in the hustle and bustle of city life.

Leaving her ailing mother behind, Fanny and her father set out to make the most of the big city.

But almost at once Fanny is caught up in an impossible choice between two young suitors and cannot decide whether she will choose with her heart or her head.

Mr Vavasour, boyish and charming, steals her heart almost immediately when she spies him through her bedroom window.

His poor reputation is not enough to keep Fanny away.

Mr Darnley seems like a much safer choice but with her heart already swayed, he’ll have a hard time winning Fanny over.

That is, if Fanny’s father hasn’t driven the two of them away by then.

Coronation Summer is a charming and brilliant adventure wrapped around a love story fit for any Jane Austen fan.

Praise for Angela Thirkell

 ‘I was delighted to read this’ –The Book Satchel

‘Charming literary tale’ – Richard Foreman

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