If We Were Gods

An ancient love triangle, a modern-day myth . . .

Brought up in the shadow of their industrialist father’s forceful personality, Claudio and Melissa Collina takes solace in their mother’s stories of Ancient Roman myth.

Claudio breaks free and goes to medical school in London, where he falls desperately in love with the fiery, beguiling Jennifer, and forms a close friendship with aspiring heart surgeon, Chris.

But when he begins to see echoes of Venus’s infamous betrayal of Vulcan in Jennifer and Chris’s friendship, a dangerous new myth is woven that will reverberate for generations to come.

Years later, following Claudio’s mysterious death, his sister is the director of an opulent Museum of Myth that bears his name.

And as the dark secrets and personal tragedies that lurk behind the ancient statues come bubbling to the surface, Chris and Jennifer’s children make their way to Italy – determined to find the truth behind the legends.

Intricate and incisive, If We Were Gods entwines classical mythology with the timeless human dramas of love and loss.

Praise for Adam Karni Cohen

‘A deftly imagined, engrossing tale of ancient gods in modern times’ – Tim Glencross, author of Barbarians

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