Magic City

A new land and a new life. That’s all that Marcus Himmelfahrt wants.

It’s 1971. Himmelfahrt is running away from his demons – his Jewish heritage being one of them, his problems with women, another.

Eager to break free, he changes his name and travels to Ludwigsburg, West Germany, to teach English at a language school. But a new identity saddles him with more problems than the last. Himmelfahrt is nevertheless a hit at the language school, and fast establishes a reputation as a ladies’ man.

Meanwhile, he rapidly becomes a wanted man locally, nationally, even internationally.

Against a backdrop of retribution against a former Nazi, a robbery by the Baader-Meinhof gang and international machinations over a rocket scientist, our innocent abroad is hunted. And the hunters include the Secret Services of both East and West Germany, the local police, armed drug dealers, an indignant husband and his employer, the language school owner – who wants to kill him.

And throughout it all, Marcus Himmelfahrt leads a charmed life in the Magic City of Ludwigsburg, utterly oblivious, noticing nothing.


Praise for Michael Dean

“A witty, intelligent black comedy . . . convincing background detail.” — Carla Nayland, author of Paths of Exile

“A fascinating story, intelligently and perceptively written.” — Karen Hayes, author of Letting Go

“Forget Dan Brown. This is real art history, real conspiracy, and really relevant.” — World on Sunday

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