Known as El Bailarín – the dancer – in the bull-ring, Don José commands respect and obedience from those who surrounded him…

His first-born son Pepe takes after his father: known for his skills in the bull-ring, he is just as was expected of him and the man he father always wished he’d be.

But Don José’s second son, the crippled Miguel, is not so adored.

Always the outcast, he soon finds himself going down the route to becoming a priest, knowing he would never be able to be the bull fighter his father was.

And Juan, the youngest; the apple of his father’s eye is handsome, but hiding a dark secret…

When the opportunity arises for Doña Mercédes to marry her granddaughter Pilár off to none other but the El Bailarín’s son, she grabs it.

After all, it is riches these matadors seek and riches is what she has, or so she claims.

Don José is captivated by Pilár.

Her young innocence calls out to him and since the death of his wife, no other woman has had such an effect.

But Pilár is due to marry Pepe and Pepe is not used to this kind of woman.

To Juan, however, Pilár is perfect … but will she ever reciprocate his love for her?

Matador is a passionate literary tale set in the heart of Spain.

Praise for Marguerite Steen

‘Miss Steen is a superb manipulator of scene, and she makes her places as alive as her people’ – Daily Telegraph

‘Rich and enjoyable’ – The Observer

‘fine scenes and piquant portraits’ – The Sunday Times

‘a vivid narrative’ – Manchester Guardian

‘full of colour and character’ – John o’ London’s Weekly

‘rich, lavish, violent, passionate’ –Evening News

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