Somewhere in the Picture

Books have a life and death of their own . . .

Primrose Hill, London. Once the domain of railway workers, now teeming with an eclectic mix of characters and history, old money and new.

And now home to an author who, deeply hurt by the rejection of her latest book, has fled to a small flat to lick her wounds.

Broke and hopeless, she destroys and buries the manuscript, and throws herself into the mundanities of day-to-day life.

Then she meets the charming Charlie Le Bon, a handyman whose working-class family have lived in Primrose Hill for generations, and, as she slowly but surely integrates into the local community, begins to feel herself coming back to life.

And as hope returns so, too, does her mysterious manuscript, which has begun to speak to her from its resting place . . .

But a ruthless property developer is determined to eradicate the community she has come to know and love, and hound her out of the flat in the process.

With her home and her book in peril, she must summon all her strength to save them both. But does she have enough?

Filled with the history of a part of London immortalised by H. G. Wells and William Blake, Somewhere in the Picture is a look at the changing faces of a city, and the wonderful, colourful characters who call it home.

Praise for Somewhere in the Picture

‘A charmingly quirky portrait of one of London’s most colourful “villages”. It will fascinate residents and visitors alike’ – Michael Arditti, author of Widows and Orphans

‘Brilliant and witty evocation of life on the edge’ – Melissa Scott Miller

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