To Love and To Honor

Impestuous Cindy Clinton signed a marriage contract with a man she had never met, in order to save her father’s worldwide oil interests.

Now, with her father dead, Cindy is determined to be free of Ken Stewart, her husband in name only.

Then one day, a tall, handsome stranger comes to see her. Sent on Cindy’s husband’s request, he urges her not to try for a divorce …

Meanwhile, suspicious happenings have been going on around town.

Intruders and the flash of boats coming into the harbour past midnight.

And Cindy is sure she keeps seeing the same man in a tilted brim hat everywhere she goes.

Other men are circling too, ready to swoop once her marriage is annulled.

And all this time, Cindy wonders, where is Ken Stewart and why does he want to stay married when she neither knows nor loves him?

She is, after all, his wife in name only.

TO LOVE AND TO HONOR is a spirited novel which will delight readers with its story of love and danger.

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